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Baby Barns are Born

'My collection "Baby Barns" was inspired by the many barns old and new that can be found all over Prince Edward County. Riding my trusty bicycle laden down with a camera, lots of water , and picnic snacks i travelled the dusty roads in search of that inspiration, that special barn, that sweet pastoral farm landscape. It was too bad it was so stinking hot and windy when I decided to have my bicycle adventure. Legs pedalling hard bike going nowhere. Wind 1 , me 0.

To pedal the rolling country roads with the silence of the country is truly a special place to be, of course it didn't happen to me like that as everywhere you turn there is activity happening all over the county. The place is booming. There are empty roads and fields that go on for miles but you are bound to run into a renovation, or a new build somewhere along your route. It's good because people are seeing what I see in this place, this very special place.

Baby barns, just mean small pieces. I like to work small a lot.I like to create small works, hence the use of baby for my barn collection. I mean we all love barns and the sense of local, of connecting to something simpler. I also had fun doing them, and there still is more to come. Hope you like what I have so far.

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