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Millenium Trail

One of the places in Prince Edward County where i spent a lot of time this summer is the Millennium Trail. The Millennium trail is a 46 kilometre former rail bed that has been converted into a cycling and walking trail. It cuts across the county landscape through the principal towns and villages ]. It meanders through farmland ,forests and wetlands home to a variety of animals and insect life.

It connects with wineries and breweries and easy to exit to explore what Wellington, Picton, and Bloomfield have to offer. As much as I do like the busy tourist ed parts of the county the quiet of the Millennium trail is a special trait of spending time riding, walking a kilometre or two or cycling from end to end. At the end of the ride a cold beer, or chilled wine can be waiting for you, of course then you realize you need to get back, but for now all is good in the world. I’ll worry about the ride home later. Cheers!

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