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My work is about expressing architecture. I choose architectural themes that inspire and motivate my interest in the built environments around us.  I work with a variety of materials to create painterly collage like works that touch upon the historical.  Much of my work begins as a scale paper model of a building cut scored and detailed then the 3 dimensional object is taken apart and use to create 2 dimensional compositions.  I also explore architectural themes working with digital images and then combining manipulated compositions with a variety of materials.


I divide my time between Toronto, Canada, where I teach art, and my farm house in Prince Edward County Ontario. My art making is supported by my two best girls my wife and daughter, and always at my side is my dog, Serena.


Please feel free to send me your comments, criticisms and thoughts about my work. This is my first website. So thank you for checking me out.

To see more work check out my Instagram account.

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